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The Edison features a full range of positions for head-up and foot-up enjoyment, plus preprogrammed positions for weightless zero gravity and anti-snore. The Edison is controlled by a multiple position backlit remote with a single touch return-to-flat button. Premium deck fabric and contemporary design make the Edison an easy complement to any bedroom décor.





    • Full Range Positions — Head/Foot Up & Down
      • Upper Body Incline up to 65 degrees
      • Lower Body Incline up to 40 degree
    • German Engineered Motor
      • Stand-by Mode is Ultra-Energy Efficient
    • Strong Angle Iron and Steel Tubular Frame Construction
    • Safety Plus™ Features
      • Emergency Power Down
      • Power Surge Protection
    • Upscale Charcoal Upholstery Fabric
    • 4” Single Split Deck Design
    • Recessed Steel Legs Allow for Heights of 8”*, 11.5” and 15”
    • Wireless Ergonomic Remote Control
      • One Touch Flat Button
    • 4 Easy Access USB Ports
    • 1 Programmable Memory Position
    • 2 Preprogrammed Positions
      • Zero Gravity
      • Anti Snore
    • Underbed Lighting
    • Available in 1 PC King
    • Fits Within Most Standard Bedroom Sets
    • Weight Capacity: 800lb Total Weight Capacity**
    • ISTA-3A Certified
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