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The Freestyle is specifically designed to transform your platform bed or foundation into an adjustable bed. Glideaway’s patented design features a 3” profile and a frame that is 27 – 45% lighter than industry standard, never compromising the style and design of your room. Includes a backlit wireless remote with preset zero gravity and anti-snore positions.


    • Full Range Positions — Head/Foot Up & Down
      • Upper Body Incline up to 70 degrees
      • Lower Body Incline up to 30 degrees
      • Simultaneous Head and Foot Movement
    • German Engineered Motor
      • Stand-by Mode is Ultra-Energy Efficient
    • Strong Steel Frame
    • Safety Plus™ Features
      • Emergency Power Down
      • Power Surge Protection
      • Zero Pull Force
      • Multifunction Connector Plate to anchor foundation and prevent separation of TXL Bases
    • Sleek Midnight Black Finish
    • Split Deck Design
    • Wireless Backlit Ergonomic Remote Control
    • 2 Preprogrammed Positions
      • Zero Gravity
      • Anti-Snore
    • Standard Overall Base Height of 3”
    • Designed to Fit on Top of Most Existing Foundations or Platform Beds
    • Weight Capacity: 800 lb Total Weight Capacity*

    * Combined capacity of two twin XL’s for King size set while in use – Twin XL- 400lb, Full- 500lb, Queen- 650lb, King- 800lb

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